Lee Ufan "Marking Infinity" @ Guggenheim

"To look at modern art needs knowledge. We require knowledge of history to understand classical art. If we do not know about Christianity and Greek mythology, we cannot understand western art. When I just look at the painting itself, I cannot understand it at all, it requires a broad depth of prior knowledge. Modern art also has many rules and artists are creating works by using those rules. I want to be different from those rules; I want to be free. This is why I want to have reactions from African, American, European and Asian people encountering my work like, “Wow, what is it?” The meaning does not matter, but I want to have these fresh moments; they are very important for me."

(LEE UFAN 李禹煥 Conversation between Lee Ufan, Karlyn De Jongh & Peter Lodermeyer Lee Ufan studio, Paris, France, 16 January 2009)

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