Heritage - my grand, grandfather

I went to see Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have always admired their poetic and abstract point of view and it was amazing to see their original photos next to each other. However even though their photos are master pieces, I personally think my grand-grandparents' photos are much more inspiring.

I found these absolutely beautiful black&white photos from my grandmother's apartment when I visited last year. These photos are her parents' photos from 1920s during the Japanese colonial period in Korea. Look at how serious they were into fashion. Everyone is perfectly dressed in either Korean traditional Hankbok or Western Three-piece suits.
How amazing is it?


  1. Anonymous19/12/10

    these pictures are amazing, i love the contrast between the traditional korean clothing and westernized three piece suit!

  2. Anonymous20/12/10