Drawings from the Army

I found some of the croquis that I drew when I was in the army in South Korea.
I used to draw ordinary moments, things that I see every day, and close friends around me.
(click the images)

(this was the view from the office where I worked for a year and a half. It was a Ammunition Department Office and I was in charge of organizing and calculating all the ammunitions. (I know. sounds scary and weird.) I think that day was hot and humid spring day. That is why you can find FIVE anti-insect sparys and leafless trees on the background.)

(Private First Class Hong, Seok-Hoon )

(Corporal Joen, Gang-Wook. He was my assistant in the office.)

(Sergeant Lee, Jin-Hoon)

(Private Huh, In-Gyu)

(My hat. That day when I became a Sergeant..)

(some guy next to me..)

(me... boaring afternoon in the summer...)

(My friend Sergeant Ko, Seok-San at my office 08/03/2009)

(Corporal Jeon, Gang-Wook)

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  1. Anonymous14/9/10

    Where did you learn to draw so WELL?